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Commercial in Far East

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I use to receive some "sociological" photos from my friends, i would like to share them with you… Hungarians like to criticise them-selves a lot.

« Night Club » (moreover it is written in a phonetic way)

A notice board on the wall of an apartment house : « My dear neighbours ! Because of the approaching Christmas i wish you a happy Easter and New Year ! The warden »

In a boutique : "squared"

A notice board of a Hungarian Company in an apartment house : « Our company informe you that in technical reason the black outs (power cuts) will be cancelled in the following dates : … »

Give back your debt ! Fag !

« Soon i will go to you and ask a cigarette. If you keep this scrap of paper, you do not have to give any. »

In a building : « Dear community of tenants ! We have a big pleasure to inform you that our building will be blessed on the 27th of September 2006.
I kindly ask you to help the work and let the priest get into your apartment at that date. Be kind and do not hurt him !!! It is not his fault that the charges of the building have been increased !!!
Aunty Irénke (who use to quarrel because of the main gate
) »

« Do not put the garbage here or i hurt your eyes for years » – very poetic !

« The nervous sytem of the dogs are instable ! »

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