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Caraway-seed soup

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Ingredients :

2 tablespoons caraway-seeds
50g fat or 4 tablespoons oil
40g flour
1 coffeespoon red pepper (milled)
1 clove garlic
100ml boiled milk
10 slices dry bread or 5 rolls

Instructions :

Melt the fat (40g fat or 3 tablespoons oil) and fry the caraway-seeds in it gently.
Add the flour and mix them until the flour foams.
Add the clove garlic.
Put the red pepper in it. Brown the mixtures for some minutes.
Pour in 3 l water. Season the soup with some salt.
Cook the soup for half an hour,
When it is ready, pour the soup through a sieve and add 1-2 tablespoons milk.
While the soup is boiling, cut the bread or rolls into pieces and fry them in the rest of the fat.
Serve the soup with these fried breadcrumbs.

Cutting the dry bread into cubes

Melting and heating the fat

Adding the carraway-seed

Frying the carraway-seed

Adding the flour

Mixing till foaming

Adding the garlic

Adding the red pepper (sweet, not hot !)

Pouring water in it

Oil for frying the breadcrumbs

Seasoning the soup with some salt

Frying the breadcrumbs

Adding milk to the soup

Pouring the soup through the sieve

 Enjoy your meal!

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